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Anti-racist Statement:

Racism must be acknowledged to be transformed.

At The Dudley Group, we want to ensure all colleagues, patients and visitors are respected and included in decisions that affect them. Our staff must feel safe and confident to be themselves at work and develop their skills as part of a great team.

Embracing our diverse cultures and inspiring collaboration is critical to the success of the Trust and the care of our patients is strengthened through the diversity of thought, approach and culture delivered by staff from diverse backgrounds.

Anti-racism means actively identifying and opposing racism. It is rooted in action. It is not enough to be “non-racist.” We must unapologetically and purposefully tackle structural and personalised racism and its impact on our organisation and people.

On our journey to become an anti-racist organisation we have had a series of open, honest, and challenging discussions at all levels, which has led to the production of an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategic Journey. We have also signed up to the National RACE Equality Code.

We are all responsible for eliminating all forms of racism; we must challenge ourselves and challenge others with care and compassion.  We need to ensure our behaviours are shaped by living our values of care, respect and responsibility.

For our commitments to support the Trust on it’s anti-racism journey and ways to report any incidents please select below: