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Accessing your health records

The Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR legislation allows you to find out what information is held about you on computer and in certain manual records. This is known as the ‘Right of Subject Access’. If you wish to see or receive a copy of your records or those belonging to:

  • Your child, if the healthcare professional decides it’s in the best interest of the child. In the case of older children you may see the records if the child agrees, or if the child is unable to understand, if the healthcare professional agrees that it is in the child’s best interests
  • A patient who has died and you are acting as their personal representative or you have a claim resulting from their death
  • Someone unable to give permission because of age or mental ability where you have a legitimate interest.

Where do I send my request?

Please send all requests for personal data or queries about an existing request in writing to:

Access to Health Records Team
Health Records Department
Russells Hall Hospital
West Midlands

Call 01384 456111 ext. 1390 to request a paper form to be sent to you.


Please include the full name, address and details of the records that you wish to receive a copy of. If you are requesting information for someone other than yourself, you will be required to provide written consent from that person or proof of your legitimate rights to access that information.

However, you can be refused access to some or all of your records if:

  • The person in charge of your care thinks that you or someone else can be harmed by disclosing the information
  • The information relates to or was provided by someone else who can be identified and is not the patient or a healthcare professional
  • You have applied on behalf of someone who has died or is no longer capable and they originally gave the information on the understanding it would not be shared

More information on this can be found here Accessing your medical records – The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust (