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Mitie’s 700 employees manage and deliver non-clinical facilities management services. This includes everything from maintenance, security, and car parking through to catering and portering. Most services are delivered 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

On a daily basis, our delivery incorporates:

  • 14 miles of corridors cleaned
  • 550 helpdesk calls answered
  • 2,500 patient meals served
  • 600 visitor cars managed
  • 7,500 items of linen washed and folded
  • 350 portering jobs performed
  • 7,000 items of mail handled

On an annual basis, our delivery incorporates:

  • 37,000 instruments and 912 surgical trays sterilised
  • 700 tonnes of clinical waste collected and disposed of
  • 36 tonnes of confidential waste collected and disposed of
  • 850 tonnes of domestic waste collected and disposed
  • 100% of waste diverted from landfill

The partnership looks to improve delivery, with measures implemented to increase cleaning productivity and changes to portering processes in order to support better theatre efficiency. One of Mitie’s key goals is improving our technical service to keep the hospital working, from lights and doors, to the theatres where patients undergo expert medical treatment.

We are also doing our bit to be more sustainable. Plan Zero is Mitie’s commitment to leave the planet in a better condition than we found it and we have pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025. To do so we are in the process of implementing a 100% electric vehicle fleet. Mitie also sources 100% renewable energy, has challenging waste reduction targets and innovates to reduce our impact on the planet: closed loop paper recycling is just one example of how we do so.

Mitie continues to work with the Trust to make Russells Hall Hospitals more sustainable. Our Vision and Values are a set of guiding principles that help us to work together as a team towards a common business goal. As a people-focused business, our colleagues are our number one priority. Mitie’s LiveSafe programme and culture keeps employees safe and contributes significantly towards the success of the business. The programme demonstrates Mitie’s commitment to a zero harm workplace. All employees are empowered to ‘Stop the Job’ if they believe a colleague is in the process of doing something unsafe, or if they have noticed safety standards are lacking.

‘Our diversity makes us stronger’ is one of Mitie’s core values. With 77,500 employees and 168 different nationalities represented across a workforce spanning five generations, we are a hugely diverse organisation. Mitie therefore seeks to engage and develop people at all levels, helping us to deliver the exceptional, every day.