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Blood tests

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How to book your appointment

Please use the link below to book your appointment for your blood test.



Call our Phlebotomy call centre on 01384 365155.




Fasting & Timed Test

Some tests need to be taken at a special time of day (for example, certain drug tests), or
when you are fasting. You should be advised of this when the blood request form is given to
you. For fasting glucose and triglyceride tests you should have fasted for 10 hours no food
or drink other than plain water.

Planned Treatment
If your blood test request is for PLANNED TREATMENT and there are no slots available to
book within 3 working days. Please call the Phlebotomy Line to book your appointment if there is no availability.

Routine Blood Test

If your blood test is a ROUTINE request, please use the on-line booking system to book your
appointment within 10 working days. Our centres will not accept walk in patients unless the requests are urgent and results are required within 24 hours.

Urgent Blood Tests 

If your medical professional deems your blood test to be urgent this will be identified on your blood test request, you are able to walk in if your test is URGENT and results are required within 24 hours.

Children’s blood tests

If your child requires EMLA Cream please see your GP for a prescription and apply the cream
one hour before their blood test appointment. Alternatively you can visit your local
pharmacy where you can buy EMLA cream over the counter. Please be aware we do not
supply or apply the EMLA cream. If you are concerned about your child having a blood test, please feel free to call our call handlers and they will be happy to arrange a call back from one of our Paediatric Phlebotomists.


Test results are sent back to your doctor. Most tests are available within one working day and
most come back electronically. Some tests can take longer, especially if they have to be sent
to another laboratory. Your GP or doctor at the hospital can advise you on this.

Arriving Early or Late for your appointment

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment
If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment you may be asked to rebook.

Unable to attend your appointment

If you are unable to attend for your pre-booked appointment, please cancel this at your
earliest convenience, this appointment can then be booked by someone requiring a blood


Blood test centre – opening times

Merry Hill Shopping Centre – Mon-Fri 8:10-19:30, Saturday 8:10-18:00 and Sunday 10:10-16:00 (Pre-booked appointments only) (Located on the ground floor near NatWest Bank)

Russells Hall Hospital – Mon-Fri 8:00-17:50 (Consultant referrals  & Urgent GP referrals only)

Corbett Outpatient Hospital – Mon-Fri 08:00-16:50 (Pre-booked appointments only)  – If results are required within 24 hours patient will be seen, if not patient will need to book an appointment

Guest Outpatient Hospital – Mon-Fri 08:00-16:50 (Pre-booked appointments only) – If results are required within 24 hours will bleed patient will be seen, if not patient need to book an appointment

Ladies Walk Health Centre – Mon-Fri 09:00-13:50 (Pre-booked appointments only)

Netherton Healthcare Centre Mon-Fri 8:00-15:50 (Pre-booked appointments only

Children’s Outpatient Blood Tests, Russells Hall Hospital – Mon-Fri 09:00-16:30 (Pre-booked appointments only, 16 year olds and under)