Patient-led assessments

In 2013 we scored higher than the national average in three of the four areas of the new Patient–Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) inspection regime.

The new national regime was introduced in 2013 to ensure patients are at the centre of all inspections of hospital environments. The new assessments look at the things that matter most to patients – being treated in clean, safe environments, tasty nutritious food, and high standards of privacy and dignity.

PLACE teams scored Russells Hall Hospital against 150 standards to give a score for each of cleanliness of wards (including bathrooms, furniture, fixtures and fittings), condition and appearance of sites, patients’ privacy, dignity and wellbeing and food and hydration.

Cleanliness Food Privacy,
Dignity and
Appearance and
Russells Hall Hospital 99.69% 84.28% 89.77% 97.04%
National Average 97.25% 89.79% 87.73% 91.97%

We scored slightly lower than the national average for food and hydration (78.36% against the national average of 85%) but this is something we are already committed to improving. We are carefully analysing the PLACE data to better understand why this score is low).

We have already held tasting sessions with public and patients to help us make our decision about what elements of food provision we need to improve. We are also analysing patient feedback on a weekly basis and making improvements and menu changes on the basis of their comments. We are also reviewing other trusts who scored higher than the national average so that we can learn from them.

You can find more information about PLACE assessments and results on the Health and Social Care Information Centre website.

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