You said, we have

You said We have
Appointments and Discharge
Free parking should be provided for those collecting death certificates Developed a process where a pre-paid parking ticket is provided to relatives visiting the bereavement office to collect a death certificate
Physiotherapy appointments should be available closer to home Options for patients to be seen in a number of locations across the borough including home visits
Outpatients Clinic signage should be improved at the Russells Hall Hospital site Installed LED displays identifying which clinics are undertaken in each area
Younger people with learning disabilities can be anxious when coming into unfamiliar hospital surroundings Created a virtual tour in partnership with Autism West Midlands, funded by Dudley Autism Partnership Board, which enables patients with learning disabilities and autism to view the inside of the hospital before they visit. The tour can be assessed via Google maps
It would be helpful to have up to date information about any delays when attending outpatients appointments Installed new LCD displays in main outpatient waiting areas to provide up to date information about clinic delays
Clearer information about your care was needed in bedded areas Redesigned and installed new ‘behind the bed’ boards to display more information relating to care and treatment
More information was needed about ward routines and what to expect at point of discharge Produced new welcome booklet for inpatients detailing what to expect in hospital and their care needs at home
I needed my appointment letter in larger font size Existing systems in place to create letters in large font format requested by patients
Maternity information should be accessible using an App Worked with Bounty to create an App to be launched in near future
Food and Drink
 We should provide a wider variety of food for inpatients  Reviewed our inpatient menus with the new ‘Chosen by Patients’ menus rolled out Feb 2016 with increased choice at lunch and supper
More gluten free options were needed Reviewed the menus and now provide a wider range of gluten free meals and meals prepared with gluten free products
It would be good to have more healthy snack options available in the main restaurant area for visitors and staff Increased the variety of healthy choices available in the main restaurant available from the main canteen and vending facilities. Options to include gluten free and healthy options.
Care and Treatment
 More information was needed about the availability of interpreting services  Reviewed the information  provided to patients to include details about availability of interpreting services 
 Children should not have to wait in the main waiting area in A & E  Reminded staff to ensure that children are guided to the paediatric area whilst waiting to be seen
 There should be more nurses on the ward  Continued to recruit to vacant posts including regular recruitment days, rolling adverts on NHS jobs and use of social media to advertise vacancies and promote the benefits of working for us.