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Friends and Family Test results

The national Friends and Family Test is an important feedback tool for all our patients and those of every hospital trust across England to provide feedback on the care and treatment they receive. The Friends and Family Test is used to listen to the views of patients and staff to help improve our service.

You can fill out one of our Friends and Family Tests HERE

August 2022

  • Inpatient score: 89% National average: 94%
  • A&E score: 70% National average: 77%
  • Maternity Antenatal score: 91% National average: 88%
  • Maternity Birth score: 50% National average: 93%
  • Maternity Postnatal (ward) score: 0% National average: 91%
  • Maternity Postnatal (community) score: 100% National average: 90%
  • Community score: 87% National average: 93%
  • Outpatients score: 85% National average: 93%

You can find scores for individual areas or wards on the NHS Choices website