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Visiting times

Visiting is currently restricted  to all general wards and departments at Russells Hall Hospital in the light of rising cases of COVID-19 and increasing transmission of the omicron variant.

There will be exceptions for patients receiving end-of-life care and for our most vulnerable patients, for example patients with dementia. We ask that these visits are discussed with the nurse in charge.




Visits from family and friends are an important part of the healing process for many patients.

In order for visiting to remain a positive experience and in the best interests of patients, some limitations are required on the hours of visiting, the numbers of visitors and who may visit. This is to ensure that patients have adequate rest and there is time to undertake care and treatment. It also helps with controlling the spread of infections.

Standard visiting hours on most wards are from 2pm until 4pm and 6.30pm until 8pm every day.

No more than two visitors are allowed per patient at any one time.

Visiting outside of these times may be allowed with prior arrangement with the nurse in charge for exceptional circumstances, such as seriously ill and dying patients and teaching relatives aspects of care in preparation for discharge.

Some areas have different visiting hours, including the following:

  • Critical Care
  • Maternity
  • Children areas
  • A4 Acute Stroke

For more information about visiting times, visitors should contact the ward they intend to visit directly. Ward details can be found by looking for the ward you wish to visit on our A-Z of Services.

Visits by children under 12 years of age should be discussed in advance with the nurse in charge of the area so that appropriate advice can be given depending on the condition of the patients in the ward. All children 12 and under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.