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Staff elected governors

Michelle Porter

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Constituency: Staff Elected Representing area: Partner Organisations Email address: Contact details: (01384) 456111 (ext. 1124)


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Edith Rollinson

Constituency: Staff Elected Representing area: Allied Health Professionals & Care Health Scientists Email address: Contact details: (01384) 456111 (ext. 1124)


I have worked for the Trust for twenty three years and now I am semi-retired. I work part time as a phlebotomist in the hospital and in the community.  In my time as an employee I have heard good and bad reports and think as a governor I could give something back to the Trust.

For eighteen years I worked at the Brierley Hill Health Centre. For two years of that I took on a HCA role also acting practice manager, which gave me a little understanding of the Trust and administration.

I believe I would be a good asset to the council using the knowledge and wisdom I have gained over the years and to help in any way to improve situations where a group get together is needed.

Margaret Parker

Constituency: Staff Elected Representing area: Nursing and Midwifery Email address: Contact details: (01384) 321124


I feel that I could help to improve The Dudley Group services for the whole of the Dudley community. I am committed to improving care and treatment over the whole community, in all areas. I have been working for the past 30 years for the NHS as a nurse in the Dudley area. For the last 17 years I was a JP (magistrate) in both Dudley and Wolverhampton, having retired in 2018. I was born, and have lived in Dudley all my life. I have a vast knowledge of the area, and I have a good understanding of people’s needs.  I have good communication skill, and I am a good team member.  I also have good problem solving skills.

I am looking for a new challenge, and feel that after working in the nursing and civil servant community, this would be ideal for me to get involved more in the development of the governor role. I feel I can make a positive contribution to the Trust, whilst also representing the views of the members to the best of my ability

Marlon Amulong

Constituency: Staff Elected Representing area: Nursing and Midwifery Email address: Contact details: (01384) 321124


I am very honoured to be a Governor in this Trust, I am a community person who enjoys helping others and being part of this council enables me to help build our NHS to something even better. Living in Dudley, my aim is to help deliver and develop the best health care services possible to the people in the community, I want to make sure that the patients of this community receive the best quality experience as possible.

I have an honours degree in Adult nursing, and I am currently an endoscopy nurse in Russell’s Hall Hospital; throughout my experiences these years, being part of this council enables me to transpire my ideas as a staff but also merge my personal experiences as a member of the community and the current problems we are facing. I love to get involved in the committees and   volunteering role.

I look forward to working with my fellow members as well as the people of Dudley. I hope to deliver many ideas that will bring a better change for the community!

Jill Faulkner

Constituency: Staff Elected Representing area: Non-Clinical Staff Email address: Contact details: (01384) 321124


I was born in the south of England (Kent) but now live in the Staffordshire Moorlands. I have two grown up sons and a pooch called Brian.  I have been in the NHS for 24 years but previous to that I was in the armed forces in the Women’s Royal Army Corp (Intelligence Corp).  I first trained in the NHS as a counsellor and worked in mental health organisations before moving into management.

As the head of patient experience my role encompasses complaints, PALS, patient experience, volunteers, chaplains and the arts and environment group. I was also a ‘speak up champion’ until taking on the role of staff elected governor.

I will use my leadership skills and credibility as a governor to support staff to reach their ultimate potential in their chosen fields. I will be an ambassador for the Trust promoting its innovative staff and their excellent work to provide high quality patient care.

Louise Smith

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Constituency: Staff Elected Representing area: Nursing and Midwifery Email address: Contact details: (01384) 321124


I trained as a Registered General Nurse at the Birmingham College of Nurse Education, qualifying in 1995. Since then, I have worked in a variety of clinical settings at the Dudley Group Foundation Trust, including medicine, surgery and more recently, in operating theatres and post-anaesthetic care.

I have lived in the Dudley Borough all my life and have a keen interest in our hospitals. I understand who our patients are and their varying and diverse needs. I am proud of our Black Country Heritage and the strength of our local community.

I am passionate about the NHS and I support the Trust Vision and Values in particular, to be able to deliver a great patient experience to the local population.

I feel privileged to have been appointed as a staff governor. I hope to inspire my colleagues at the Dudley Group Foundation Trust to take an active role in the essential decision-making process, in order that we can continue to deliver safe and caring services to all who need us.

Dr Atef Michael

Constituency: Staff Elected Representing area: Medical and Dental Email address:  – Contact details: (01384) 321124


I would like to improve and keep the high standard of service provided to The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust patients. With the high demand and intense pressure with restraint on resources it is crucial not to compromise the high standard of care.

I have been a consultant physician and geriatrician in The Trust since 2006 and over the years I have had many roles and responsibilities.

Being a general physician I worked closely with nearly all the specialties in the Trust and I enjoy excellent working relationship, based on mutual respect and appreciation, with colleagues.

I led Care of the Elderly Department for six years and working with my colleagues we introduced many services including Frail Elderly Assessment Unit, Dementia Unit and community input as well. Also working cohesively with my orthopaedic colleagues we started the Orthogeriatric Unit in 2006; one of the very early units in the UK, and for years it has been a center of excellence.

On an academic level, I have always aimed to raise the academic and teaching profile of the Trust. I published widely, based on work done in the Trust with consultant colleagues, in high impact journals and presented nationally and internationally.

Ann Marsh

Constituency: Staff Elected Representing area: Allied Health Professionals & Health Care Scientists Email address: Contact details: (01384) 456111 (ext. 1124)


I have been a dietitian for 35 years and worked in Dudley for 33 of these. I am passionate about working in Dudley and being an Allied Health Professional (AHP). I feel honoured to represent AHPs and Health care scientists as a Trust staff governor.

Allied Health Professionals and Health Care Scientists (HCS) are a diverse group of highly trained autonomous practitioners that form a key part of multidisciplinary teams.

Allied Health Professionals and Health care scientists deliver high quality patient care; assessing, diagnosing, treating and discharging patients from primary prevention though to specialist disease management and rehabilitation.

I strongly believe that multidisciplinary team working is important for best patient care and want to highlight and promote the role of AHPs and Healthcare Scientists in the Trust.

My other love is food and providing patients with tasty nutritious food which they want to eat. This is important for patient’s recovery and to provide them with a positive experience of our Trust.