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Patient Safety Specialist & Strategy

The NHS Patient Safety Strategy was published in 2019, it identified key areas of work to improve patient safety across healthcare.

In April 2022, the Trust updated their Patient Safety Strategy – it focuses efforts on building upon safety improvements made within the previous strategy, and the continued delivery of the nationally directed objectives.

The coordination of the Trust’s Patient Safety Strategy 2022-2025 is undertaken by their Patient Safety Specialist, Kristina Murphy.  The strategy comprises of five priority areas and four National Patient Safety Improvement Programme (NatPatSIP) workstreams.

The five priority areas:

  • Optimising our patient safety culture to enhance psychological safety to cultivate graded assertiveness, maximise safety reporting and honest disclosure
  • Engagement and empowerment of patients and families to become active and integral partners in the safety improvement journey
  • Maximising learning opportunities, approaches, and their contribution to patient safety improvement
  • Optimising the care of the deteriorating patient
  • Ensuring complete adoption of the NHS Patient Safety Strategy

The four national workstreams that the Trust participate in are: