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Patient Safety Partners & Patient Voice Volunteers

Engagement and empowerment of patients and families to become active and integral partners in the safety improvement journey

Patients and the public are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by listening to people who use and care about services, we can better understand their diverse health needs, and focus on and respond to what matters to them.  The independent perspective they can offer is crucial to the pursuit of our strategic objective, ‘excellent healthcare, improved health for all’.

To support our commitment to ensuring that public and patient voices are at the heart of shaping our services we are recruiting Patient Voice Volunteers (PPVs) and Patient Safety Partners (PSPs) to make sure that people and patients’ voices are heard, considered and responded to throughout our service development.  We will work in partnership with PVVs and PSPs, to improve patient safety, patient experience and health outcomes.

These roles will work alongside the Trust’s clinical and non-clinical staff, to help inform and influence decisions on services.  They will become members of committees, work with project teams, consult on policy and support learning to contribute a different and independent perspective, enriching and ensuring the best patient experience is achieved.  They are involved in a wide range of activities and programmes of work and may take on several different types of roles while in that work – they will contribute to improving governance and leadership within the Trust.

Patient Safety Partners (PSPs): Individuals who are willing to share their perspective, experience and skills to support and challenge the Trust’s safety improvement journey.

Patient Voice Volunteer (PVV): Individuals who are willing to share their perspective and experience of using local services to inform health services in a range of different ways.

These roles perform a very different job from that of the traditional NHS volunteer.

We are recruiting for these roles now!

If you are interested, why not get in contact with us about the role?

For more information contact The Patient Experience Team via email ( or phone: 01384 244404

Patient Safety Partner Information

Patient Voice Volunteer Information