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What does it mean to be a Foundation Trust?

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The Dudley Group became the first Trust in the Black Country to be granted coveted Foundation Trust status in October 2008.

NHS Foundation Trusts typified the Government’s commitment to the decentralisation of public services and the creation of a patient-led NHS.

This means we have some freedom from central government control in the way we develop and deliver healthcare services that meet the needs and priorities of the local population.

Being an NHS Foundation Trust gives us the opportunity to work with the local community to make sure we are providing services local people want, in the way they wish to have them delivered.

The benefits are:

  • There is real involvement of local people in running the Trust through becoming members and an elected Council of Governors
  • The Trust is accountable to local people for the quality of services they provide
  • The Trust can raise money for changing and improving services from several sources and are not restricted to using only Government funds
  • The Trust has to ensure they are managing their finances in a more business-like way

Our Foundation Trust members can choose their level of involvement from just receiving the Trust’s newsletter or becoming a Governor of the Trust.  Go to the ‘Become a member’ page to join and for the full list of activities.

If you are already a Foundation Trust member and wish to update your details or the activities you would like to get involved with, then visit the ‘Update your membership details‘ page.