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E-Consent is now Live

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To improve our consent process so that the Trust meets the National standards for obtaining patient’s consent as well as supporting patient decision making about their treatment, Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust are using a new digital consent application by Concentric Health. This will allow the Trust to facilitate 2 stage consent, remove the risk of paper consent being lost and further support consent for those lacking capacity, supporting the BRAN framework and shared decision making.

The Trust expects the following benefits implementing this:

  • Accessible and convenient – can be used remotely, saves time and effort
  • Quicker to process and reduces delays in obtaining consent
  • Facilitates GMC recommended two stage consenting
  • Improves patient engagement – multi-media and interactive features can enhance comprehension and patient engagement with a better experience
  • Eco-friendly – no paper usage so it contributes to environmental conversation and aligns with sustainability goals, highlighting the Trust’s commitment to ecological footprint
  • Helps maintain a reliable audit trail for the Trust to see how consent was given


See below the learning materials for an introduction to E-Consent:

Quick Reference Guides

For answers to frequently asked questions please click here​.


Watch full video below of demonstration on how to create a consent episode on Concentric: Concentric Health digital consent onboarding demonstration – YouTube